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what we do

stop spending valuable time keeping up with your books and spend more time building your business. through the use of new technology we are able to offer your small business affordable bookkeeping services. with us, you can watch your business grow!
we use quickbooks online and automatic bank feeds, which allows you to always have up-to-date financial records that leads to better business decisions. everything is ready for tax time and presented with quick charts and graphs that are easily understood. no more boring techincal jargon!

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no more worrying about the difference between futa and fica – we’ve got you covered. our convenient payroll services ensures that everyone gets paid on time. we will file all federal and state payroll reports and make sure all tax deposits get paid to the government.
pay your employees monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly and do it from anywhere, even your couch or the beach! have the ability to offer big company benefits to your employees – direct deposit, employee website for access to paystubs, and online time tracking.

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taxes are a complicated. don’t miss out on big deductions by trying to do it yourself. we have ten years of experience behind us to make sure you only pay your fair share of tax but remain well within the law. we can also help plan for the future to make sure there are not any decisions that will end up costing you a large tax bill!
we can file all types of returns:

  • sole proprietors
  • partnerships
  • llcs
  • c-corporations
  • s-corporations
    now that we are your bookkeeper, your tax prep bill is a lot cheaper. we can even help the everyday individual working for the man.
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    quickbooks can get messy, and it can get there fast. if you have tried to keep up but been too busy growing your business or had questions that no one has been able to answer, we can help! we are certified in all versions of quickbooks.
    don’t waste any more time using bad financial data.

    frequently asked questions

    awesome! we are so excited to get started! simply fill out one of our many contact forms (you can find one here), email us at, or give us a call at 817-776-5163.
    that’s totally understandable. changing cpas or hiring a cpa for the first time is a big decision. we really are your partner in business. feel free to reach out to us through one of our contact forms (you can find one here), email us at, or give us a call at 817-776-5163 and ask us anything you want!
    if you don’t trade shares on the stock exchange or want us to break any laws then come on down!
    absolutely! all accounting software is basically the same, and with over ten years of public accounting experience, we have worked with them all at least once.

    get in touch!

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